Our Programs


Venture Café St. Louis operates three programs and will add additional programs in the future as the operation grows. Below are the three initial programs.

The Venture Café Thursday Gathering

This is a weekly event that attracts new and existing members of the innovation community. It is the foundation and lynchpin of the Venture Café program, contributing deeply to all other aspects of the organization’s work. The Weekly Gathering combines opportunities to network and a variety of high-impact educational sessions. Venture Café St. Louis, brings in over 530 people weekly. It is important to note that approximately 30% of the attendees are new each week, 20% attend occasionally, and 50% are frequent attendees. This mix allows for the events to remain fresh and exciting due to the new attendees and also allows for deep relationships and a strong community to be formed over time. Over the course of one year, there can be 25,000 attendees and nearly 500 educational sessions as part of the Thursday Gathering.

Join us next Thursday from 3–8pm on the 2nd floor of 4240 Duncan Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110  |  Check the lineup on our calendar

Venture Café Nights

Our new Café Nights expand our reach and connect with a broader audience.

Venture Café Night: Activate

If we want to grow the St. Louis innovation community, we need to include North City in that transformation. Venture Café St. Louis is dedicated to broadening the application of innovation, and to do this, we developed this Café Night as a way for innovators to collaborate, tackling the inequity issues stifling the development of St. Louis. Venture Café Night: Activate happens every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 5-8pm. Each month, the theme will pose an opportunity for entrepreneurs, civic leaders, design thinkers, community members and techies to brainstorm actionable solutions around creating a more equitable city.

This program is made possible by the St. Louis Economic Development Corporation. Programming is specifically curated to address the goals of the Promise Zone, Forward Through Ferguson and 100 Resilient Cities.

Check the lineup on our calendar | Held at Mission St. Louis

Venture Café Night: 39°N

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 4-8pm, Venture Café Night: 39°N unites entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators together to learn, mentor and support each other.

The focus is on facilitating discussions and connections within plant science and agricultural technology. Programming will be curated around a variety of topics from food and energy security to sustainability to big data and machine learning.

This program is made possible by Monsanto.

Check the lineup on our calendar | Held at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center