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No Need to RSVP

The Venture Café Gathering is hosted every Thursday from 3-8pm at 4240 Duncan Ave on the 2nd floor. The event has an open connecting format so you can come and go whenever you have a chance. The goal is to get people connected while keeping these two rules in mind 1. don’t drink too much and 2. don’t be here to sell. Attendees are asked to act in line with our Community Credo. Here are a few things that you can expect at the weekly Gathering.


Catch Us Upstairs

We are located on the second floor at CIC. When you arrive, be sure to check in with one of our greeters. They are super friendly and can answer any questions you may have. When you check in, the kiosk will print out your name tag. Grab a session handout or view the posted schedule for session room and time information. Head over to the bar to grab a beer or some wine. You may have up to 3 drinks, all complimentary; however, contributions are appreciated & a 4th drink is forbidden.

You Learn Something New Every [Thurs]day

Want to connect with experts? From one-on-one office hours to exciting panels on a full range of innovation topics – We have you covered with breakout (educational and conversational) sessions every week. Full details are posted on our calendar:

Visit the “Maximizing your Venture Café Experience” a session hosted by our ambassadors to help you get more acquainted with the weekly Gathering.

Dude, Where Do I Park My Car?

The parking map for 4240 Duncan is here and driving directions to Venture Café can be found here. Stop in and check us out!

There are bike racks in front of the building.