Community is built by you.

Community is built by connecting.

Community is you.

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Each week approximately 400 people gather to connect, collide and learn from each other. The Weekly Gathering is free to attend and provides a full slate of topics for people interested in innovation.


Expanding the definition of innovation

The focus should not just be about making apps. The real challenges facing the human condition require innovative solutions. There is room for innovation in education, the arts, government services, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, social enterprise, and many other sectors.

Building an inclusive economy

We want to make sure that questions about inequality and inclusion are part of the innovation and entrepreneurship conversation…not an afterthought. Engaging participants from diverse backgrounds leads to a more robust and sustainable solution.

Connecting innovation communities

Innovation communities now have the means and the motivation to connect on local, national, and international levels. Venture Cafe provides opportunities for serendipitous collisions to take place in a meaningful way.

It's a safe place to say your dreams out loud, and who knows, you might be talking to the person who will help catapult you into a future job or endeavor.

Crystal Martin

Education & Community Engagement Manager, LaunchCode

Awesomeness. Plug in.

Awesomeness. Plug in.

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